Brisbane Roof Coating

Recoating for Promotional Materials

Situated on a picturesque canal development, this Brisbane home was coated by Nutech Paint representatives as part of a promotional campaign. Taking two weeks, the entire processed was filmed to show how easy it is to apply a DIY roof coating by Nutech Paint.

Prior to coating, all tiles were checked for cracks and leaks, and the flashing was checked and sealed. Taking care to avoid runoff into the waterways, the roof was pressure washed to remove any surface dirt and buildup.

As the tiles showed some signs of aging and wear, the roof was primed using Nutech Paint’s NuPrime, which is designed for powdery and oxidized surfaces. This highly penetrating sealer provided a sound base for the top coat.

Using a special color blend to match the existing violet tiles, two coats of Tileflex were applied to the entire roof, as well as several spare tiles that had also been cleaned and primed.

Finally, the roof was repointed with Nutech Paint’s MaxiPoint (available at request) in black to create a contrast to the violet tile finish.

  • Brisbane Roof Coating - After
    Brisbane Roof Coating - After

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Nutech Paint


Pressure washed



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Project Duration

2 Weeks

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