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Working towards your Perfect Finish

NuTech Paint wants you to achieve the Perfect Finish using our range of products. We have Technical and Safety Data Sheets to help you find the right way to coat your roof and a Product Calculator to determine the quantities you’ll need. Of course, if you need more help or have a difficult question or request, you can leave a message on our contact page.


A high-performance roof coating with nano-technology and self-cleaning properties.

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NXT Cool Coat

A superior heat-reflective roof coating with a high TSR for a cooler roof and home.

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NXT Aqua Guard

A 100% waterproof membrane designed specifically for flat roof applications to protect against water ingress.

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GP Primer

A high solids general-purpose primer designed to adhere to a wide range of roof surfaces.

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An acrylic primer for powder tile and concrete surfaces and provides a 100% waterproof coating.

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Metal Primer

Anti-corrosion water-based Co-Polymer Acrylic Metal Primer is designed for metal surfaces.

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Asphalt Primer

Primer is specially designed for use on new and aged asphalt shingles. Superior adhesion, water-resistant.

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