Data Sheets

Safety and Application Information

Nutech Paint takes your safety seriously. The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) contain important information about the chemicals we use to manufacture our coatings. The Technical Data Sheets (TDS) have information on product application, equipment, surface preparation and personal safety during the job. To get the Nutech Paint Perfect Finish and our longevity guarantees, we recommend carefully reading both documents before beginning an application.


A high performance roof coating with nano-technology and self-cleaning properties.

Download TileFlex SDS Download TileFlex TDS

NXT AquaGuard

A waterproof membrane designed specifically for flat roof applications.

Download NXT AquaGuard SDS Download NXT AquaGuard TDS

NXT Cool Coat

A superior roof coating with a high TSR for a cooler roof

Download NXT Cool Coat SDS Download NXT Cool Coat TDS

GP Primer

A high solids general purpose primer

Download GP Primer SDS Download GP Primer TDS


An acrylic primer for powder tile and concrete surfaces.

Download NuPrime SDS Download NuPrime TDS

Asphalt Primer

A primer for new and aged asphalt roof shingles.

Download Asphalt Primer SDS

Metal Primer

An anti-corrosion acrylic primer for metal surfaces.

Download Metal Primer SDS Download Metal Primer TDS