Oceanside Roof Coating

Resort Reception Restoration

The roof of the building that houses the resort reception and gym was in serious need of restoration. Rather than re-roof the whole building, the owners chose to recoat it to restore the waterproof finish. The entire process took one week, and the resort operated as normal during the restoration.

To begin, the existing surface was pressure coated to remove build up, contamination, debris and general dirt. Then, all joins, gaps and cracks were patched with polyfabric to ensure a seamless surface. Finally, the entire roof was prepared using Nutech Paint’s Asphalt Primer.

Once the preparation had been completed, the roof was top coated with NXT Silicone in white. Only a single coat was required, as this is a high solids product. Nutech Paint provided a site inspection at the completion of this project, to ensure it met the requirements for the guarantee and warranty.

  • Oceanside Coating - After
    Oceanside Coating - After

Project Quick Facts

Surface Type


Project Date



Professional Application by CA Roof Saves


Pressure washed and poly-fabric sealed


Asphalt Primer

Top Coat

NXT Silicone



Project Duration

One Week

Products Used

Asphalt Primer
NXT Silicone