Huntington Beach Restoration

Demonstration Project

This demonstration project was undertaken by Nutech Paint as both training for a new contractor and as an example of a restored roof.

Prior to coating, the roof was inspected for damage and gently cleaned so to not disturb the asphalt tiles. After cleaning, the entire roof was primed using Nutech Paint’s Asphalt Primer in white. Using a light-colored primer can help increase the reflectivity of the top coat.

Once the primer was sufficiently dry, two coats of NXT Cool Coat in Charcoal Low-Sheen were applied, waiting for each coat to be touch dry before applying the next.

The roof was completely finished in two days.

  • Huntington Beach Restoration - Before
    Huntington Beach Restoration - Before

Project Quick Facts

Surface Type


Project Date



Nutech Paint


Gentle Cleaning


Asphalt Primer

Top Coat

NXT Cool Coat


Charcoal Low Sheen

Project Duration

Two Days

Products Used

Asphalt Primer
NXT Cool Coat