Victorville Roof Restoration

Complete Restoration

Working closely with Nutech Paint’s technical advisors, and within limitations of the University and surrounding areas, this large scale, professional application was completed in 3 weeks.

The metal tiles were pressure washed and checked for damage before all the screws were spot treated for rust. The entire surface was then primed with Nutech Paint’s Metal Primer to prevent further corrosion and provide an even base for the top coat. Two coats of NXT Cool Coat in Sienna high-gloss were applied for the heat reflecting properties.

With work only being undertaken on weekends when classes were not running, the project duration was just shy of one month. There were also geological restrictions regarding the lake on the university campus. Special care was taken to sure that all water runoff was free from contamination that might harm the ecosystem. Nutech Paint advised on each step of the process, and even did a final site check to ensure the best application as well as environmental safety.

  • Victorville Roof Restoration - Before
    Victorville Roof Restoration - Before

Project Quick Facts

Surface Type


Project Date



Professional Application


Pressure washed and rust treated


Metal Primer

Top Coat

NXT Cool Coat


Sienna High Gloss

Project Duration

Three Weekends

Products Used

Metal Primer
NXT Cool Coat