Idaho Restoration and Upgrade

Solar Energy Upgrade

This project was undertaken in conjunction with a solar power company specializing in cylindrical panels of copper indium gallium selenide. These solar panels can collect the infrared rays both directly from the sun as well as reflected from the roof. For this reason, Nutech Paint’s NXT coatings were considered for the upgrade.

The roof was pressure cleaned and checked for damage before being painted with two coats of NXT Cool Coat in white high-gloss for maximum reflectivity. NXT in white has a TSR of 92%, and helped to nearly double the power output of the solar panels.

  • Idaho Restoration - After Coating
    Idaho Restoration - After Coating

Project Quick Facts

Surface Type


Project Date



Professional Application


Pressure washed



Top Coat

NXT Cool Coat


White High Gloss

Project Duration

Several Weeks

Products Used

NXT Cool Coat