Cincinnati Metal Roof Restoration

Curbside Appearance Upgrade

This Cincinnati auto-repairs shop was looking worn out and the owner was concerned about the appearance of the workshop to potential customers. Rather than re-roofing, he chose to coat his roof. The DIY job was undertaken over one weekend and a Nutech Paint representative worked closely with the owner to achieve the perfect finish.

The roof was pressure washed to remove all dirt and debris before being coated with Nutech Paint’s Metal Primer.

Once the primer was dry, two coats of NXT Cool Coat in color Sunset were applied. A Nutech Paint representative was present on site for this application at the owner’s request. This ensured that the coating was applied according to Nutech Paint’s standards and would meet the guidelines for the company guarantee.

The final finish greatly improved the street presence of the shop, and the owner was pleased with the overall finish.

  • Finished Restoration

Project Quick Facts

Surface Type


Project Date



DIY Application


Pressure Washed


Metal Primer

Top Coat

NXT Cool Coat



Project Duration

Two Days

Products Used

Metal Primer
NXT Cool Coat