Palm Springs Roof Coating

DIY Renovation

A DIY contract project undertaken by the home owner, this Palm Springs house was recoating using NXT Cool Coat. The main goals of the project were creating a beautiful finish to the restoration, as well as reducing the electricity bill with the heat reflecting properties of NXT.

To begin, the roof was gently cleaned then prepared with a coat of Nutech Paint’s Asphalt Primer. Throughout the duration of the project, the owner was in close contact with Nutech Paint and followed guidelines and advice carefully.

The top coat on the asphalt tiles is NXT Cool Coat in [COLOR] low-sheen. The low-sheen coating provides a uniform color appearance on rough and textured surfaces, resulting in the perfect finish. The entire project spanned several weeks, as the home owner was only able to have the contractor work during weekends.

Letter from the owner

Good Afternoon Nutech Paint,

I want to let you know that a contractor using Nutech coatings painted my roof several weeks ago and that I am quite happy with the outcome. The color match is perfect, the application looks great and one would never know that these are asphalt shingles that have been painted. We have only been in the house several months so we don’t know how it will impact the electric bill. I do know that last Saturday with it was 109F outside the AC was not continually running. I believe this is a very good solution to a common situation in hot climates.

Regards, Bob Thierry.

  • Palm Springs Roof Coating - Before
    Palm Springs Roof Coating - Before

Project Quick Facts

Project Date



DIY Application


Gentle Cleaning


Asphalt Primer

Top Coat

NXT Cool Coat


Beige Low Sheen

Project Duration

Two Weeks

Products Used

Asphalt Primer
NXT Cool Coat