Hollywood Roof Restoration

Training Application

This Hollywood home with an asphalt shingle roof was restored as a part of a Nutech Paint training program, with the processing being recorded for future reference. The entire application took one day as the weather was warm and drying times were quick. The structure of the roof was sound, and no tiles were damaged, however, due to the aging and weathered look, the homeowner wished coat it. The new coating was finished in time for a wedding reception held in the garden.

Initially, the roof was inspected for damage, then lightly cleaned to avoid dislodging any asphalt tiles. Once the debris and dirt had been removed, the entire surface was primed using Nutech Paint’s Asphalt Primer in white.

With the warm temperature, each coat was touch dry in a short amount of time and two coats of NXT Cool Coat in Beige Low-Sheen could be applied.

A Nutech Paint representative was present for the whole day, as this was a training program for the applicator.

  • Hollywood Roof Restoration - Cleaning
    Hollywood Roof Restoration - Cleaning

Project Quick Facts

Surface Type


Project Date



Professional Undergoing Training


Gentle cleaning


Asphalt Primer

Top Coat

NXT Cool Coat


Beige Low Sheen

Project Duration

One Day

Products Used

Asphalt Primer
NXT Cool Coat