UK Box Gutter Restoration

Factory Repairs

The uncoated guttering on this Scottish factory had rusted and corroded and would cost a great deal to replace. Rather than spend the time and effort rebuilding the drainage of the building, the owner hired a professional applicator to coat the damaged drain and guttering with Nutech Paint’s roof coating system. This finish was achieved in 3 days with support and advice from the Nutech Paint technical team.

The rusted guttering was power washed and scrubbed with a wire brush to remove any loose dirt and debris. The rust was treated with a rust-removing compound prior to priming with Nutech Paint’s Metal Primer to prevent further and future rusting as well as providing a stable base for top coating.

Two top coats of NXT Silicone in white were applied to create the perfect finish. This returned the gutters to their original waterproof state and saved the owner from replacing them.

  • UK Box Gutter - Before
    UK Box Gutter - Before

Project Quick Facts

Surface Type


Project Date



Professional Application


Pressure washed and rust treated


Metal Primer

Top Coat

NXT Silicone



Project Duration

Three Days

Products Used

Metal Primer
NXT Silicone