Wall Coatings

Reflects sun’s heat by up to 91%

Nutech’s Eco Paint, is a remarkable heat reflective wall and surface coating utilizing revolutionary Thermal protection Technology developed by Nutech Paint to keep buildings cooler in hot weather.

For the first time, you can reduce the temperature of your home or building and live and work more comfortably without sacrificing color choice.

Help Protect our Environment with a Socially Responsible Surface Coating.

NXT Eco Paint reduces summer cooling costs, peak energy usage, extends building life and will help reduce greenhouse gasses, global warming, resource usage and land fill. Simply put, surfaces coated with NXT Eco Paint, will keep cooler by up to 30° c or 86° F, meaning internal areas will be kept a comfortable 6-10°c or 42-50°f cooler.

NXT Eco Paint reflects between 30% and 91% of the sun’s heat. NXT Charcoal has a Total Solar Reflectance of 35% reflecting 500% more than conventional charcoal roof and wall paint. NXT White has a TSR of more than 90%.

Infra Red Heat Reflectance Curve

NXT, is the first Australian eco-friendly roof and wall paint compliant with EU and USA regulations regarding VOC and biocides. Volatile Organic Compounds are found in paint, fuel and some household products.

View our Fact Sheet: Nutech NXT Cool Coat Fact Sheet

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